About Us

About Us


My name is Patrick Hawkins, but you can call me Hawk. As the founder of Hawk’s Services, I lead a team of expert technicians who provide heating, cooling, and plumbing services in Rochester and the surrounding areas. For over 20 years, I’ve been an HVAC tech and home services team leader.

The technical part started when I was a kid. I loved to fix things out of fun and necessity. When my parents divorced, my dad put me in charge of the home’s appliances and small engines. I saved the family money by fixing our bikes, keeping the lawnmower humming and the rototiller rumbling.

After graduating from John Marshall High School, I joined the Marine Corps. In my four years of service, much of it overseas, I volunteered for many special assignments and learned a lot about leadership.

Following my service, my passion for things mechanical and my desire to continue serving led me to the home services field. I believe everyone should live in a safe and comfortable home. With my beautiful wife Sherri and our family by my side, I have been blessed to build Hawk’s Services, mentor my team, and serve you.

Our team works to provide stellar service in heating, cooling, and plumbing systems. We want you to be perfectly happy with your home’s overall comfort. If you’re not comfortable, you should call, “Hawk’s!”


Patrick “Hawk” Hawkins

Call Hawk’s 24/7 at 507-719-3463

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Our motto is “Fix it First!” But we give you all the options. Whether you repair your current system or install a new system is always up to you. Manufacturers are always developing new technologies. And we’ve work with all of them —including the new hybrid systems. We have a passion for bringing the best performance into your home.

Keeping you safe and comfortable is our highest priority. I trained every single team member who serves you. The only things I value more than training techs and helping them grow is serving God and my fellow man and loving my family.

We value you, the customer. We want you to be perfectly satisfied with our work and your results. If something is not working to your complete satisfaction, call Hawk’s 24/7, and speak to a helpful dispatcher, not a recording.

Patrick “Hawk” Hawkins