Best Furnace Service in Rochester, MN!

Furnace service is an important aspect of home maintenance that people often neglect because they do not see the effects of poor furnace care over time. When spring rolls around and homeowners need to turn the furnace back on, they may realize that their furnace was not working as efficiently as it could have been.

Hawk’s Services can help with furnace service in Rochester, MN to ensure that your furnace operates at peak performance year after year. We will send out one of our highly qualified technicians to perform the necessary maintenance.

Some of the signs that indicate that furnace service in Rochester, MN is necessary to include:

-The system does not appear to be working at all: There are no lights or sounds when the thermostat is activated. The HVAC unit will run continuously without producing any heat.

-The fan inside of the furnace blower is loud and rattling: You can hear the loud noises coming from the heating system when it runs.

-There is an odor of gas or oil near the HVAC unit: You can smell either natural gas or furnace oil when you are close to the device.

-The house feels cool even though the thermostat is activated: This means that heat is not being distributed throughout the home.

-The house is cold even when it is supposed to be warm: When the temperature drops below the desired setting you have set on your thermostat, this could indicate that there are problems with furnace maintenance.

If you notice any of these issues, call Hawk’s Services right away for furnace service in Rochester, MN. This is especially important in fall and winter when the furnace is used the most. A technician will perform a checkup on your system to ensure that it is operating properly.

You can also add preventative maintenance appointments to your yearly schedule so that any issues with your HVAC unit are caught quickly and easily before they compromise the efficiency of the unit. Call Hawk’s Services at 507-226-9950 for more information.