5 Signs That Your Air Conditioner Is on Its Last Legs!

No one wants to deal with a broken air conditioner in the middle of summer, but if you’re lucky, you’ll know what signs to look out for so that you can get it fixed before it’s too late. In this blog post, we’ll give you five signs that your AC is on its last legs. Keep an eye out for these warning signs, and don’t wait until the hottest day of the year to try and fix your air conditioner!

1. Your air conditioner is making strange noises

If your AC unit is starting to make strange noises, it’s definitely time to call a professional. These sounds could be anything from a gentle humming noise to a loud banging. Regardless of the noise, it’s not normal and indicates that something is wrong with your unit.

2. Your air conditioner isn’t cooling your home as well as it used to

If you’ve noticed that your AC unit isn’t cooling your home as effectively as it used to, it’s probably because the coils are dirty or the Freon levels are low. Both of these issues can be easily fixed, but if you don’t address them, your AC unit will continue to have trouble cooling your home.

3. Your energy bills are increasing

If you’ve noticed a sudden spike in your energy bills, it’s likely because your air conditioner is working overtime to cool your home. An old or inefficient air conditioner can use a lot of energy, so if your bills have been on the rise, it’s time to start shopping for an AC replacement.

4. There’s water pooling around your air conditioner

If there’s water pooling around your air conditioner, it means that the unit is leaking. This is a serious problem that needs to be fixed immediately, as it can lead to extensive water damage.

5. Your air conditioner smells musty

The last thing you want your home to smell like is musty, old air. If you’ve noticed that your air conditioner has started to emit a musty smell, it means that the unit isn’t draining properly and that mold or mildew could be growing inside of it. This is a serious health hazard, so it’s important to have your AC unit serviced as soon as possible.

If you’ve noticed any of these warning signs, it’s time to call a professional and have your air conditioner serviced. Don’t wait until the middle of summer to get your AC unit fixed – by then, it will be too late!

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