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There’s no doubt that garbage disposals are by far the ugly duckling of kitchen appliances. Garbage disposals in sinks can’t be easily noticed and they are often ignored allies of family health. By grinding up kitchen bio-waste under running water, they eliminate the need for fly-attracting bins that are often smelly too.

Working with a wide range of brands and models, Hawk Services provides full garbage disposal repair services in Rochester, MN, and surrounding areas, together with other plumbing and HVAC assistance to families and businesses. Always ready to discuss garbage disposal needs and preferences, call for a free quote any time.

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Personalized advice on the best garbage disposal unit

When considering garbage disposal replacement, size is very important. For one or two people, a ½ HP model is adequate, while three to six people need a ¾ HP motor. Larger groups of up to ten people should opt for a 1 HP model.

Hawk Services works closely with its customers, making sure that utilitarian appliances (like garbage disposals, water softeners and sump pumps) are sized to specific family needs.

Avoiding clogged drains and unpleasant odors from garbage disposal units

Once food scraps vanish down the drain, they must be drawn away into the sewage system. So here are some tips on keeping garbage disposals clean and fresh.

Use a strong flow of cold water when grinding food wastes, solidifying oils and greases so they can be chopped up. Add hard materials like small bones, eggshells and fruit pips, as these rough particles scour the grinding chamber, making sure no greasy lumps cling to its inner walls. Chop large items into smaller pieces and add them little by little, to avoid overloading the motor.

Run the garbage disposal unit regularly, to prevent rust and greasy build-ups, and add a little dish soap after washing up, for quick-cleaning freshness.

Avoiding garbage disposal breakdowns

It’s easy to remember what goes down the garbage disposal chute – only biodegradable food scraps. Never drop any of the following items into a garbage disposal unit:

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If your garbage disposal in Rochester, MN is making a humming noise, it is probably working properly. If it isn’t making any noise or if it is making a grinding noise, it may be jammed. To fix a jammed garbage disposal, turn off the power to the disposal and use a hex wrench to remove the jamming plate. However, it is better to call for professional help to fix this issue.
If your garbage disposal smells bad, it may be because food is caught in the blades or drain. To clean the blades and drain, turn off the power to the disposal and remove any food that is caught in the blades. Then, use a pipe brush to clean the drain.
Some tips for maintaining a garbage disposal include using it regularly, scraping food scraps into the trash instead of down the drain, and running water while the disposal is in use. You can prevent your garbage disposal from becoming clogged by following these tips. Additionally, you can use a plunger or plumbers’ snake to unclog your disposal if it does become clogged.

When a garbage disposal unit stops working, call the best garbage disposal, plumbing and HVAC contractor in Rochester, MN at 507-226-9950 for free quotes, tailored to family requirements.